Khanapara Teer Common Number

Finding any teer common number is a crucial thing among the players. That is why knowing the Khanapara teer common number is very important for you. In the following table, we are sharing the Khanapara teer common number today. If you are an active user on facebook then this is our khanapara teer common number fb page.

Khanapara Teer Result Today
Khanapara Teer Previous Result
Khanapara Teer Dream Number

The list below shows the Khanapara Teer Hit Number Today. It is not a Khanapara Teer Official Common Number. The table below shows just a hint about Khanapara Teer Common Number today target

Khanapara Teer Common Number Today

DateDirect NumbersHouseEnding
09-01-202023,34,45,65, 983,73, 6
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Teer Common Number Formula

There is no definite formula for teer common number. You can use your own teer formula in finding teer common number. Make sure that at least your final teer common numbers match with the final result.

In this website, we find the daily teer formula by analyzing the previous results. We take today’s date, previous FR result and SR result as a base of our calculation of teer common number for Khanapara. The teer formula method we are applying here may not be the only way to find any teer teer common number. Therefore, our method may not give you the exact result of any teer game.

The teer formula for finding any Teer Target number is given below

Let FR number of yesterday = 38
Let SR nuber of yesterday = 95

Now, Add 3+5=08 and 9+8=17

1. In this way, you get two nubers to play Today’s Teer. i.e. 08 and 17

2. Another way of finding target numbers is

3+5/8 = 8

3. Lastly, the most favorite for finding the teer target number is

Step 1: Write down the numbers in the following sequence

(Today’s Date) (Previous FR) (Previous SR)
So, 11 29 78

Now, add all the digits in the following way

Here, “0” will be considered as a House no, on date 11 Jan 2020

Khanapara Teer Old Common Number

Date Direct NumbersHouse No.Ending No.

We hope you got the khanapara teer common number today for playing. We do our best to provide efficient and accurate daily common numbers. We hope you liked our formula for finding the teer common number. If you have your own method to find any teer common/hit number, then share it with us. Share this article with your friends.

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