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Juwai Teer Result

Juwai Teer Result is announced every day at 2:15 PM (First round) and 2:55 PM. There is a half an hour gap between them. Visit this page daily for accurate and faster Juwai teer results.

Juwai Teer Old Results

Juwai Teer Result Today

(Date: 12-04-2021)
FR (2:25 PM)SR (3:15 PM)

Shillong Teer Result

Here we update Meghalaya Shillong Teer Result daily at 3:40 PM (First Round) and 4:40 PM (Second Round). Visit and bookmark this page for the next update at this mentioned time.

Shillong Teer Old Result

Shillong Teer Result Today

(Date: 12-04-2021)
FR (4:10 PM)SR (5:10 PM)
Shillong Teer Dream Number [Today]

Khanapara Teer Result

Khanapara, Guwahati, Assam teer daily result is updated at 4:00 PM (First Round) and 4:30 PM (Second Round). However, there may be some delay in the announcement of the result.

Khanapara Old Teer Results

Khanapara Teer Result Today

(Date: 12-04-2021)
FR (4:15 PM)SR (4:55 PM)

Khanapara Morning Teer Result

Assam Khanapara Morning Teer Result is announced in the morning every day @11:0 AM by the Assam Teer Association. We update accurate and faster results compared to others.

Khanapara Morning Teer Result

(Date: 12-04-2021)
FR (11:00 AM)SR (11:59 AM)
Khanapara Morning Teer Previous Result

Shillong Morning Teer Result

Get daily Shillong Morning Teer Result live on our website. The morningteer result of Shillong is announced daily at 10:30 AM first result and 11:30 AM the second result.

Shillong Morning Teer Result

(Date: 12-04-2021)
FR (10:30 AM)SR (11:30 AM)
Shillong Morning Teer Old Result

Night Teer Result

It’s not a surprising thing that people play this teer game at night also. Basically in Shillong, four rounds of teer results declare everyday. The first game of night teer is played at 9:20 PM and the second game is played at 10:20 PM every day at night.

Shillong Night Teer Result

(Date: 12-04-2021)
FR (9:20 PM)SR (10:20 PM)

Night Teer 2 Result

The rules and regulations of night teer games are the same as any other teer game. If you are a daily player of Shillong night teer, then visit this page regularly. We update the daily night teer 2 results of Shillong on time.

Moreover, we also update the daily night teer common numbers and night teer previous results.

Shillong Night Teer 2 Result

(Date: 12-04-2021)
FR (10:30 PM)SR (11:30 PM)

What is Teer?

Basically, teer is a game of archery. This game doesn’t have any written history about who and when it was started. People believe that it was started back in the ’90s. It was believed that people of Meghalaya, Shillong used to make bow and arrows and tried to make some games with it. The surprising fact is that Archery is the state game of Shillong and Manipur.

After they became experts in this archery, some of them conducted this teer game at the regional level. Luckily, people started loving it and they carried out. Nowadays, this teer game is now played not only in Shillong but also played in Khanapara, Assam, Ghy, Juwai, Manipur, Bhutan, Bodoland, etc. To know more about this Teer, click here and here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mathematical formula to find Shillong Teer numbers?

Unfortunately, there is no formula to win Shillong Teer Result today. People play this game just from their prediction, common numbers, dream numbers and many more.

What is FC in teer?

Wel,l FC in teer stands for “Forecast”. Basically, it is a group of two numbers. The first number is termed as First Result (FR) and the second number is termed as Second Result (SR) in teer.

What is the Shillong teer result today?

Shillong Teer has its own time every day like any other. The Shillong teer result is updated daily at 3:45 PM (First Result) and 4:45 PM (Second Result). If you want to know more teer results of teer like today, tomorrow and yesterday then visit this website regularly and bookmark this page for future purpose.

How can I calculate a Shillong teer?

If the total number of arrows hit the target is 589 then the number 89 will be considered as a teer result. You can say this is the First result or FR. In Shillong, the first result is declared on 3:45 PM.

What is Khanapara Teer Result Number?

Khanapara Assam Teer is played from Monday to Sunday. The result is announced daily by the association FR at 4:15 PM and SR at 5:05 PM. Visit this post regularly to know daily Khanapara teer result


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