Juwai Teer Result Today @2:15 PM

Check the Juwai Teer Result or Jowai results today (জুয়াই তীর রেজাল্ট) list online here for you. The Juwai Teer is one of the most popular Teer games among the people of North-East states in India.

People from Juwai and other cities play this Teer game to win daily. If you don’t want to miss the live teer result of Juwai teer then bookmark this page or visit from Monday to Saturday at the mentioned time.

Sometimes, you might face some delay while updating the official juwai teer results in this post. However, we constantly try our best to share the Juwai teer khela result on the basis of the Juwai Teer result first round and the Juwai Teer result second round. Scroll below to check the Juwai result today online on teerresults.net

Juwai teer result today
Juwai Teer

Juwai Teer Result

There is no particular fixed time for the results of the Juwai Teer. But, we update the Juwai Teer Result today’s chart at 2:15 PM and 2:45 PM. You can see here the Juwai Teer live result below. This table is basically the first and second round of the Juwai Teer lottery results. Meanwhile, you can check the Juwai teer common number today too.

Juwai Teer Result Today

(Date: 28-09-2023)
FR (2:15 PM) SR (2:45 PM)
53 20

The table below shows the list of results for Juwai teer result list 2022 with an accuracy of 100%. We collect Juwai evening teer result daily as early as possible from reputable sources. The above results are from the official Juwai teer counter results. These results are usually updated in a timely manner each day.

Juwai Teer Result List

The table below shows the previous 5 days’ Juwai teer result chart or juwai Shillong teer result. The following table displays the latest Juwai Teer results updates. If you want more old teer results then click the Juwai Teer Previous Results button.


If you are looking for the Juwai Teer Result List of both the latest and previous list then you are on the right site. We assure you that the result list of the Juwai teer khela result we update here is accurate with the Juwai Teer counter result.

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For juwaiteer Result Fb, you can visit our Facebook page and like the page. We are also very active on Facebook page for sharing Juwai Teer Result online live updates. Teerresults.net shares or updates the Juwai Teer online result fast as compared to others.

Juwai Teer Result Today
juwai teer result today

Jowai Teer Today Result

Visit this page for the Jowai teer result 2022 official Juwai teer counter list here. Basically, the Jowai teer is the same as the Juwai Teer. The Jowai is a local city name of Shillong, Meghalaya. You can get the Jowai Teer Counter Result on time. However, the Jowai Teer is not played on Sundays and some holidays.

If you are playing regularly the Jowai Teer then you can check the Juwai result today on this page. There might be some delay in updating the Juwai official Teer counter result. But don’t worry, we will keep you updated with the result as soon as the official Juwai Teer today results are updated.

Juwai Teer Laser

The Juwai Teer laser is very useful for those who frequently play this game. We will get you an update with the latest Juwai Teer laser as soon as the official Juwai Teer results get updated. You only need to visit and check this page on time. If you do not see the updated result with the current date then do a refresh/reload the page.

Juwai Teer Counter Result

There are lots of Juwai teer counter [official] based in Meghalaya, Shillong. As we know that the Teer game is legalized in Shillong the Juwai City people of Meghalaya love to play this game regularly. All those Juwai teer counter results are updated on juwai teer board time.

This Juwai Teer Board time is seasonal. If you are eager to know the correct timing for updating the Juwai Teer result then visit or bookmark this page. If you want the official Juwai teer counter result number, you have to visit physically the teer ground of Jowai teer.

Juwai Teer First Round and Second Round Result

To check the online juwai teer live number FR and SR you need to visit at a particular time. We update the juwai teer counter live result as soon as the official result gets declared. The FR is announced at 3 PM and the SR at 4 PM.

The juwai teer number published by us is very accurate with the juwai teer official result. However, you can cross-check both the results.

Juwai City Teer Result

When we talk about the Juwai city teer result the official timing for the result is 2:30 PM and 3:15 PM from Monday to Saturday. A large number of people from Juwai city like to bet on this game with a very high forecast number daily.

The Juwai city game specialists follow the teer common numbers given by us routinely. For more information about the local juwai teer result click this link.

Juwai Afternoon Teer Result

The juwai afternoon teer result or Juwai Teer Result Evening is sharply announced at 2:30 PM and 3:15 PM daily except Sundays and special holidays. So many players from Juwai participate daily to play and win this lottery game. To check the results of Juwai afternoon teer from Monday to Saturday bookmark this page now.

You can be able to see the live Juwai teer board results on time. If you want more Juwai teer number result then scroll above and click the Juwai teer Old results button.

Juwai Teer Previous Result

In this section, we are sharing massive juwai old teer results. Click the button above and it will take you to the old teer results page of Juwai teer. You’ll get to see all the Juwai teer previous result list monthly wise.

We hope these previous teer results will be useful for you to play your next target game. As you know that these previous teer results are very helpful in predicting the next target game.

Shillong Juwai Teer Result

The Shillong Juwai teer result is the same as the Juwai teer result as Juwai is located in Shillong, Meghalaya. Juwai is basically a well-known city in Meghalaya. The Juwai Teer game is being played for many years. For your information, Juwai teer is also legalized as Shillong teer.

Juwai Teer Common Number

Click the above title to know about the daily Juwai Teer Common Number. You always get the fresh teer common number if you visit our Juwai teer target number page. We analyze the Juwai teer common number based on the previous results and some mathematical functions.

To get the Teer common number immediately, click below. I hope you’ll get 99% success with our teer common numbers


What is Juwai teer result today?

You can get the juwai teer result daily on this website at 2:35 PM FR and at 3:40 PM SR. Sunday is closed.

How to win Juwai teer result?

To win the juwai teer result today, you can follow the teer dream numbers and the common numbers shared by us daily.

What is Juwai teer common number?

The juwai teer common numbers are the next teer target numbers. These numbers have a high probability to win juwai teer

How do I check the Juwai teer result live online?

To check the juwai teer online result, visit this post in the evening. The first round is declared at 2:35 PM and the second round is announced at 3:45 PM.

Wrap Up

I hope you have checked Juwai Teer Result today. Along with the juwai teer result live update on time, we also share its common numbers and the previous results. For tomorrow, you can visit this page again.

If you find any problem with the Juwai result then do let me know in the comment section. I’d love to discuss it.

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